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I highly recommend Olga

I feel so fortunate to have found Olga. For more than 8 years now I have the chance to get her support and I can say she is not only a truly excellent therapist but also a milestone in my life. She definitely listens carefully and gives me much confidence in areas that I desperately need it. Helping me to become a stronger and better person with her guidance.
Which is amazing with her is that she gets the right balance of being kind and making you feel safe in telling her exactly what’s going on for you, as well as offering incisive and sharp reflections that really help you to understand yourself and your situation significantly better.
All in all, she is smart, insightful, caring and professional. I appreciate video sessions but I am also thrilled that I am sent the right reading materials and even personalized worksheets that allow me to take an even more proactive role in my own process.
I highly recommend her.
Juan G
Paris, France

A very positive experience

It has been a fortune for my life to have the opportunity to meet Olga Lucia. I am very impressed by the level of clarity that Olga has in the visible world and not physically visible and having this extraordinary gift to be at the same time very humble. The quantity and quality of the different tools and the flexibility of its application in her therapy are really impressive. In the last sessions I had with Olga Lucia I felt an enormous evolution in her therapies – short, powerful, effective and “straight to the point” without any deviation. And as a friend in common said when he recommended me to make a family constellation guided by Olga Lucia in 2011 “this was going to change my life”, I really wanted to express that it happened and in a very positive way. Thank you for the teachings that have had a very profound impact on me and I understand for many more.


The feelings of bliss, content, and relief started to take over my body

The following is my own testimonial from my experience with a lovely and gifted woman named Olga Salinas!! I met Olga on a retreat in Costa Rica January 2018, and as our paths crossed, my life was completely altered and I AM changed forever because of it! I had about a two-hour session with Olga, where we worked on some past memories that surfaced around my inner child, where I discovered that I was still deeply affected and carrying the imprints of pain caused by my parents from the time that I was about five or six. As Olga began to speak with me and asked probing questions about my memories as a child and how they came to affect me, I realized just how deeply embedded this pain was residing within me. The process that Olga took me through, explored these feelings layer by layer, and as we delved into the deepest parts of myself, that pain felt like it had happened yesterday. She was able to bring all of my hurt to the surface, and little by little, with Olga’s help, I was able to start letting go of all of these thoughts and feelings that have tormented me for so many years. By the end of our session, I felt completely exposed and raw, but the feelings of bliss, content, and relief started to take over my body in a beautiful wave after wave, and I remember saying to Olga that my chest felt empty, as if this huge weight had been lifted from my being. It was honestly the best day of my life because it freed me of the pain that lay within me all of these years. My resentment and anger toward my parents lifted away, and I felt that if I could’ve, I would have picked up the phone to call them right away to tell that I forgave them, and understood they were trying to do the best they could at that time and that I understood they were really just kids themselves trying to raise a child! Unfortunately, we were in the jungle, so of course had no reception, however, this was one of the first things I did upon returning home. I called both of my parents, explaining my experience and revelations and told them each individually that I forgave them. I felt the relief and thanks from them both by doing so, and I felt at that very moment that I had broken the cycle not only for myself but for my entire family and ancestors past and present!! Olga Salinas I love you, and thanks will never describe the depths of my gratitude for you!!

Todd Paterson
Vancouver, Canada

Olga’s work is very powerful

Olga Salinas is one of the rare practitioners of energy healing modalities that actually work and give long-lasting results. Thanks to Olga’s session my life has radically improved at all levels. I have more energy to do things, I have a much more positive outlook on life and I feel the connection to my highest self more clearly. I am feeling expanded and happy. In the three sessions I got from Olga we cleared many subconscious negative beliefs about myself and some deep emotional trauma. What a difference in my life now. I highly recommend Olga’s sessions to you if you want to feel empowered and more alive!

L Makela
London, UK

A session with Olga clarified and transformed my beliefs

Olga Lucia is a person committed to her patients, she offers the best of herself in each session. She has an empathic ability that generates harmony to allow me to perceive the context and the perceptions that I have in that therapeutic space that is created in the session. A session with her is to clarify and transform my beliefs, to empower myself of my emotions and my actions; building a way towards the authenticity of my being.
Monica Hernandez
Bogota, Colombia

Your session allowed me to heal wounds from my past

Olga is a person with the ability to accompany others in their personal discovery processes. She has listening skills, she knows how to hold emotional spaces and guide his patients with her wisdom. With your support I was able to discover stagnant emotions in my being, opening the way to greater well-being. She has great communication skills, she is considerate, she cares for people, while her strength allows her to clearly express what she needs to say to her patients. Her support also allowed me to heal wounds from my past, forgive others and me, as well as initiate the connection with the universe, earth and life! I am grateful to Olga for her dedication and effort, love for her work and care for my being.

Daniel Torres
Bogotá, Colombia

Great results very quickly

My life in 2013, before meeting Olga, was the following, Job-wise: I just missed a great opportunity due to my impatience and ended up in a lonely smelly office working on projects no one cares about. Healthwise: After 2 years of remission from my Crohn Disease, I found myself in a new Crohn crisis leading to a very painful surgery, and a lot of additional stress coming with it. Love life: I almost broke up with the man of my life who I was lucky enough to meet 3 years before, as he was enabled to understand me (not noticing I was the first one who never tried to understand myself).

I reached the bottom of this depression hole, so I decided to look for help. I went to a classic therapist next door. I was afraid to open this therapy path: It will take ages to bring results if it does bring results at all!, it will open lots of question from the beginning and not always closing them, it will cost a lot, I saw friends who never seem to do any progress…The therapist I met did as if she had read all my fears and were trying to make sure that all of it would come true. A nightmare. I stopped.

If any of the above looks familiar to you, you need Olga.

As she is different and very unique. She is able to mix her very professional knowledge and doctor expertise, with her strong interpersonal skill coming from a deeply personal and internal work and her gift to understand the unspoken, her strong intuition to make you come to your own conclusion/solution, using the perfect tailor-made technics for you.

She is able to adjust each therapy to everyone specificities, she will not count her time, always making herself available to support you in any situation. Very open-minded and that edge of all the new discoveries on personal development, she is constantly updating her work and technics to make us benefit from the best there is out there.

She is brave enough to push you out of your own boundaries, and she has enough empathy and energy to bring you into a new comfort zone afterwards. She will never let you leave with unclosed troubled or topics. Even if one trouble leads to another one, and another one, like infinite drawers, she will stick with you to go the bottom of each of them and close each of them before letting you go.

Her objective is not to make you stay in therapy with her for the rest of your days. On the contrary! She will help you observe great results very quickly, and teach you things you will then apply by yourself. So you will feel better, take a better decision in your life and feel happier in general.

If you are wondering about me now, then: I got the high responsibility job I was looking for a year after beginning this path with Olga, I am married to this amazing man I loved since 8 years, I am free from Crohn disease since 4 years now, and my husband and I feel confident enough to live one of our dreams, leaving France (where we live today) to go and settle in Australia.

As she says, we need to be very brave to face the adventure of exploring and curing ourselves. I am proud of myself today to have been (and still be) strong enough to do it! And I deeply thanks her to be my guide all over the road. I recommended her to my beloved sister, to my best friend, my husband, my sister-in-law. And now, I strongly recommend her to you!

Lots of Love.

Paris, France

I felt that my heart opened and I felt one to the universe

With Olga Lucia, I have made several therapies and each one has brought me well-being for the time needed. In December I had the most beautiful experience when Olguita sang my name. While she was singing, I felt that my heart opened and I felt one to the universe and to each heart that beats, I felt life in all its splendour. Thank you Olguita for this beautiful experience.
Esperanza Niño 
Bogota, Colombia

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