Despertar a una mayor conciencia

Apoyando tu viaje transformador hacia la plenitud

Cuando nacemos, olvidamos nuestra esencia Divina, nos sentimos perdidos, luchamos y sufrimos, y nos preguntamos si hay más en esta realidad. El viaje comienza cuando reconocemos nuestra humanidad y nos dirigimos a nuestro corazón para despertar nuestra conciencia para honrar a nuestra Alma y conectarnos desde nuestro auténtico yo humano con nuestra parte espiritual, sintiéndonos completos nuevamente y compartiendo la luz interior.


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Great results very quickly

Olga is brave enough to push you out of your own boundaries, and she has enough empathy and energy to bring you into a new comfort zone afterwards. She will never let you leave with unclosed troubled or topics. Even if one trouble leads to another one, and another one, like infinite drawers, she will stick with you to go the bottom of each of them and close each of them before letting you go.

As she says, we need to be very brave to face the adventure of exploring and curing ourselves. I am proud of myself today to have been (and still be) strong enough to do it! And I deeply thank her to be my guide all over the road. I recommended her to my beloved sister, to my best friend, my husband, my sister-in-law. And now, I strongly recommend her to you!

Paris, France

Olga’s work is very powerful

Olga Salinas is one of the rare practitioners of energy healing modalities that actually work and give long-lasting results. Thanks to Olga’s session my life has radically improved at all levels. I have more energy to do things, I have a much more positive outlook on life and I feel the connection to my highest self more clearly. I am feeling expanded and happy. In the three sessions I got from Olga we cleared many subconscious negative beliefs about myself and some deep emotional trauma. What a difference in my life now. I highly recommend Olga’s sessions to you if you want to feel empowered and more alive!

L Makela
London, UK

I highly recommend Olga

I feel so fortunate to have found Olga. For more than 8 years now I have the chance to get her support and I can say she is not only a truly excellent therapist but also a milestone in my life. She definitely listens carefully and gives me much confidence in areas that I desperately need it. Helping me to become a stronger and better person with her guidance.

Juan G
Paris, France

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Sobre la Dra. Olga Salinas

Soy una terapeuta holística transformacional con más de 20 años de experiencia. Primero me formé como médico y luego amplié mis habilidades en las terapias alternativas.

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