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When we are born we forget our Divine essence, we feel lost, we struggle and suffer, and we wonder if there’s more in this reality. The journey begins when we acknowledge  our humanity and go to our heart to awaken our consciousness to honor our Soul and connect with our authentic human-spiritual self feeling whole again and share the light within.


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Olga’s work is very powerful

Olga Salinas is one of the rare practitioners of energy healing modalities that actually work and give long-lasting results. Thanks to Olga’s session my life has radically improved at all levels. I have more energy to do things, I have a much more positive outlook on life and I feel the connection to my highest self more clearly. I am feeling expanded and happy. In the three sessions I got from Olga we cleared many subconscious negative beliefs about myself and some deep emotional trauma. What a difference in my life now. I highly recommend Olga’s sessions to you if you want to feel empowered and more alive!

L Makela
London, UK

I felt that my heart opened and I felt one to the universe

With Olga Lucia, I have made several therapies and each one has brought me well-being for the time needed. In December I had the most beautiful experience when Olguita sang my name. While she was singing, I felt that my heart opened and I felt one to the universe and to each heart that beats, I felt life in all its splendour. Thank you Olguita for this beautiful experience.

Esperanza Niño 
Bogota, Colombia

Your session allowed me to heal wounds from my past

Your session allowed me to heal wounds from my past, forgive others and me, as well as initiate the connection with the universe, earth and life! I am grateful to you Olga for your dedication and effort and the special care you gave for me.

Daniel Torres
Bogotá, Colombia

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About Dr Olga Salinas

I am a transformational holistic therapist and medical intuitive with over 20 years of experience. I was first trained as a medical doctor then I expanded  my skills to the alternative sector.

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